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The Calendar of Cultural Events is provided as a service to the arts and culture community by Arts Over America, a consortium of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Arts Wire, and the Carnegie Mellon Center for Arts Management and Technology.



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Arts Over America

Arts Over America is a joint venture of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) and the Carnegie Mellon Center for Arts Management and Technology (CAMT), assisted by Arts Wire.

The Arts Over America cultural events database is designed to promote the visibility of each state's cultural offerings, to stimulate cultural tourism, and to provide arts and cultural organizations with an important and cost-effective marketing aid.

The calendar, accessible to the public through the Web, allows users to search a database of arts events by location, date or art form through a simple and user-friendly database interface. The calendar produces lists and descriptions of cultural offerings and can provide contact information, pricing information and links to the event sponsors' Web sites. In addition, the service allows decentralized information input: arts organizations can add their own event information from their own local workstations, rather than submitting information for other entities to track and re-type.

To promote uniformity and achieve cost efficiencies, every agency's calendar contains the same data elements and uses a shared database engine. Each agency, however, may elect to refine the graphic elements - the calendar's "look and feel" - to match individual design preferences or Web site styles.

This project also lays the groundwork for a future national database of cultural events in which basic data elements and search options are consistent from state to state.

Arts Over America Project Team

Development Team

  • Robert Brunskill, System Administrator, CAMT
  • Michael Collins, Program Associate, CAMT
  • Stephen G. Walizer, Program Associate, CAMT
  • Sean McGuire, Program Associate, CAMT
  • Roman Mitz, Program Associate, CAMT
  • Bartley Troyan, Program Associate, CAMT
  • Joe Matuzak, Director, AW

Participating State and Regional Arts Agencies

NASAA is a national organization serving the arts agencies of the states, commonwealth and territories in the United States.

CAMT is a research, service and training center of the Master of Arts Management Program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Arts Wire is an on-line service for artists and arts organizations sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts.